Pop-culture catch-up and July playlist!

I’m the first to admit I’m not the most current with pop culture. I always seem to be catching on to things after they’ve apparently already been on the scene for quite some time.I’m behind on movies, music, and pretty much anything news related. 99% of the time I’m at work (which is usually an assortment of gyms or studios) and I listen to pandora all day. The clean version. Usually business appropriate (nothing vulgar)  and not very current. I’m pretty much behind on anything music, movie, or news related. This can make it super hard to make small talk. Somehow I always seem to manage though :).





Since I’m media challenged, I’ve been trying to do better lately. A couple of years ago I started reading The Skimm every morning. It’s a condensed version of news headliners that can help keep you updated! Super easy to read with a bit of sarcasm and catchy one liners. Gotta love a little irony in the morning with your coffee.   I’ve also found that I sound a whole lot smarter during small talk after I’ve got the skinny from The Skim! Check them out if your interested!


I also started a blog and I follow a lot of bloggers now too! I feel like the information I receive through blogs allows me to feel more connected to the pop culture world. I hear their stories, read their book and movie reviews, and learn about their take on everyday events. Super helpful!


In order to keep myself semi-cool.. I’ve decided to post one playlist a month. It may be cool or it may suck. I freakin like it. Hopefully you will too!

Check it out on Spotify! 

July playlist 2


I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by,


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