I wanna go fast!

So, the other day I posted about setting and achieving goals. Now I’ve given my goals and dreams some thought and I think it’s time to crank them out! I’ve come up with one physical, social, academic, and habit related goal. Here they are:


I will be FAST! 

In the past I have had a love/hate relationship with running. I always sign up for races and at first I’m pumped. Then the training starts. Don’t get me wrong, I love to train. I just run out of energy and time and unfortunately, training is my first cut. This really sucks because it makes race day a lot less fun for me. Instead of enjoying the energy at the race and talking to other runners.. I end up feeling like crap and beating myself up for being slow. Not anymore! Recently I have found a renewed love for running (which is good because I am signed up to run a marathon this year). Instead of showing up to the race feeling ashamed of my previous efforts, I’m going to come prepared and I am going to be fast!

I, Caitlyn, will run a 8:30mi pace for 13.1 mi by November 2014. 

I wanna be fast

I couldn’t help the Ricky Bobby reference. It was just too easy. 

I will say “no”

I have a terrible habit of taking on too many responsibilities at one time. I love being busy, making money, meeting new people, making new friends, and keeping up with old friends. All of these commitments add up. They end up costing me more than just my time; they end up effecting my bank account, health, and my relationships with my boyfriend and family. In order to get my priorities back in line, I plan to make more time for me and the things I WANT to do. Rather than the things I feel obligated to do. I need to quit saying “yes” to others needs and quit saying “no” to my own.

I, Caitlyn, will say “no” when I am asked to take on an optional responsibility that will negatively affect my bank account, health, and romantic and family relationships effective now.   

I will quit picking at my finders (nasty habit) 

Initially, I was scared to even write this on my blog at all. I know it’s a gross habit (please don’t judge me). When I get stressed, anxious, or I upset… I take it out on my poor little fingers. I pick and pick at them until they hurt. It looks disgusting, feels terrible, and makes me self-conscious. In order to quit picking, I am going to carry a stress ball and hand lotion with me throughout the day. I am also going to use my boyfriend, John, to help me to remember to not pick!

I, Caitlyn, am going to stop picking at my fingers in times of stress. Instead, I will use a stress ball and hand lotion when I feel the need to pick. I will completely quit picking at my hands effective today! 

I will develop a research thesis that truly interests me 

I have been struggling when it comes to actually committing to a research topic. I have few people who have certain suggestions for my research but I don’t feel comfortable with some of them. In all reality, it would be easier just to do what I’m told and carry on. But, I don’t want to! This is my thesis and I want to make it my own. Instead of doing what I’m expected, I am going to work extremely hard to work out the kinks in my own research ideas and get this thing going!  

I, Caitlyn, will develop an original thesis proposal by August 31st, 2014. 

Thanks for reading through my goals, hopefully you can think of a few goals of your own to set and achieve! Let’s see what Cait can do!

  • Each goal is written as “I will” not “I wish” or “I want”. Believe in yourself!
  • Each goal has a deadline
  • Each goal is specific and descriptive
  • Each goal is meaningful and measurable

I hope you will set some goals too!

Thanks for stopping by,


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