Legs for Days: Workout Wednesday

We’re almost to the weekend people. Wednesday is always a struggle for me, but not this week! The fourth of July is right around the corner and we only have one working day left! Hooray for long weekends!

The fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday and I’m super pumped! My dad is sort of known as the “Firework genius” of the family. Ever since I can remember, my dad has put on the biggest and best firework show around. He’s even gone through the trouble to build his own launch pad.. it’s pretty insane!

Every year our family, friends, and sometimes even new comers to town come and watch my dad’s firework show. We start with socializing and some really great food. Then, once the sun goes down.. dad gets the punks out. Time for a show! Oh, I can’t wait I’m getting so excited just writing about it! God Bless America!! 🙂

Anyway, until the big day we still have plenty to keep us busy. Like this awesome weekend countdown workout! The workout is totally simple so you don’t have to use any extra brainpower (Wednesday seems to steal most of it anyway). Instead you just need to use LEG POWER!

Here’s how it works: Do 20 reps of each exercise the first round; then each round following, decrease your reps by 5 until you are down to zero!

If you want a challenge:

1) increase the number of minutes spent on the rower

2) add more weight each round

3) start at higher rep count

Round 1: 20 reps+1 min row

Round 2: 15 reps+2 min row

Round 3: 10 reps+3 min row

Round 4: 5 reps+4 min row

summer countdown revised

◊Each round, just think: you’re one round closer to the best day of the year!!!!!◊

I hope you enjoy the workout. Don’t worry, work your legs.

Question of the day:

What do you love about July 4th most? The food, the company, the fireworks show? Tell me about it in a comment! Also, let me know if you try the workout!

Thanks for stopping by,


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